Plate Evaporator


Plate Processing Systems are used for evaporating, desolventizing, devolatilizing and stripping solvents from viscous and heat-and-shear sensitive materials. Patented plate design assures high turbulence and high heat transfer rates.  High levels of concentration can be obtained for a wide range of materials.  

Plate Evaporator Characteristics

  • Rapid, single pass product processing for minimal degradation of heat-sensitive materials.
  • Virtually eliminates foam production.
  • Processes high viscosity materials.
  • No mechanical agitation required.
  • Simultaneous evaporation and stripping to extremely low volatile content.
  • Continuous or batch process - easily controlled.
  • Plates can be added or subtracted at any time.
  • Least costly heat transfer surface.
  • Little or no fouling.
  • Low headroom requirements - no towers.




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