Forced Ciruclation Evaporator

Forced Circulation Evaporator Operation

Force is used to drive the liquid through the evaporator tubes thus producing high tube velocities. A high efficiency circulating pump, designed for large volume and sufficient head, is used to supply the force. Proper design results in controlled temperature rise, controlled temperature difference and tube velocities that give optimum heat transfer. Forced Circulation Evaporators are recommended for viscous, scaling and salting liquids. As the liquid is only heated in the steamchest with flashing taking place in the separator and no boiling taking place within the tubes, fouling on hot tube walls is reduced.

BUFLOVAK Forced Circulation Evaporators may be equipped with either horizontal or vertical steam chests. The circulating pump withdraws liquid from the lower part of the vapor-liquid separator and circulates it through the tubes at a high velocity.  Boiling is suppressed in the tubes either by liquid head or an orifice plate. The heated liquid is discharged into the separator where the vapor flashes off due to the temperature difference and is removed through the top outlet. The liquid is discharged at a maintained liquid level.


Forced Circulation Evaporator Characteristics

  • Operates with extremely low temperature differences
  • High tube velocity
  • Velocity mechanically produced and controlled
  • Gives high rate of heat transfer, rapid evaporation and high concentration without requiring high operating temperatures
  • Maximum recovery of solids
  • Can use horizontal or vertical tubes
  • Tubes are readily accessible for cleaning and inspection
  • Suitable for single or multiple effects

Product Application

  • Very viscous liquids
  • Scaling liquids tending to produce scale
  • Heat-sensitive materials
  • Crystal producing liquids

 Forced Circulation Evaporator Application Examples

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Acid Raffinates

Ammonium Sulphate

Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate


Diaphragm Cell Caustic

Distillery Slop

Ferrous Sulfate

Fish Stickwater



Glutanic Acid


Irish Moss Extracts

Pectin Solutions

Sodium Chlorate

Sodium Sulfate

Soup Stocks

Sugar Esters

Tomato Paste

Waste Water

Yeast Cream


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